How to Export Exchange Contacts to PST or CSV File Formats?

In this article we will discuss ‘how to export exchange contacts to PST or CSV’. Now days, most of users find it difficult to export Exchange Database (EDB) files data items such as contacts into the PST file format. The major reason for doing this is to recover data from … Continue reading

Create Public Folder in Exchange 2016 Using EAC or PowerShell

In this article we are going to discuss about how to create public folder in Exchange 2016 using EAC or PowerShell commands. As you might know that Public folder is a sharing folder in Exchange server 2016 that provides a shared access of file within the server. It renders an … Continue reading

Top 5 Exchange Recovery Tools Which You Should Try at Least Once

As we are aware that Microsoft Exchange Server stores information like emails, notes, contacts, etc. of all its users in the EDB file format. However, due to several issues in the Exchange EBD file user may need to recover their data and save it in the Outlook PST file. In … Continue reading

Benefits of Anti-spam Function in Exchange 2016

Exchange 2016 brings many new features, which are not present in its previous versions. Its architecture supports Anti spam and anti-malware protection which protects organization from malicious activities. Microsoft Exchange 2016 has Edge Transport Sever, which is installed in perimeter network that provide Anti-spam protection. If an organization has Edge … Continue reading

Office 365 Reporting : How do We Create Client reports of Browser Used in Out-Grid view / Exported to CSV

In Office 365, If we need to see more than 1,000 results for Browsers used and Operating systems used, we will have to use Exchange Online PowerShell. You can create a PowerShell script to export the data from the reports to a CSV file too. In Below Example we have … Continue reading

How to Remove members from Company Administrator Role Group in O365 using Powershell

My name is Jason and in this article I would like to share “How to remove members from Company Administrator Role Group in O365 using powershell” in two phases. Pre-Requisites 1. Download and Install Azure PowerShell for office 365 2. Connect to office 365 Azure AD using the command Connect-Msolservice … Continue reading

Advantages of Database Portability

In this article we would like to share the Advantages of Database Portability. Database Portability which was first introduced in Exchange Server 2007 in the year 2006. Now the same options are available in Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2013. It is very useful in a disaster recovery scenario. … Continue reading

Why LepideMigrator for Exchange is your best bet for Exchange to Office 365 Migration?

Office 365 has many benefits over on-premises email communication platforms like MS Exchange Server. Organizations are completely free from the responsibilities related to deployment and maintenance of expensive email servers. Universal accessibility, integration with some other Microsoft products, and cost-effectiveness are also major attractions of Office 365. While migrating from … Continue reading

Event ID : 24 with Source MSExchange Web Services

The above Event ID 24 alert is generated with source as “MSExchange Web Services”. Its an error for an expired certificate in the Organization. The event wont cause any service outage, since there must be a renewed certificate in place. The article is to share on how to remove the … Continue reading

Exchange Server PowerShell “Tip of the Day #1:”

I remember few days back somebody asking me as to how many built in tips are there in Exchange Server. There are various blogs and discussion forums which discusses on how and where is the source of the tips located. In this short blog I would like to address just … Continue reading

Wake Lan – A free Utility from Gammadyne

Many administrator’s around the world always carry dozens of free utilities with them while they work as a in-house system administrator or as a field engineer or working as a consultant. One of the favorite tool which is used by me is Wake On Lan. The tool is available free … Continue reading

Track and Recover lost emails using Barracuda Firewall

Although many organizations manage a proper backup for their emails and other important data. Then why are we discussing about barracuda here? Well Barracuda can act both as a firewall and also to recover some of the lost emails in an emergency. Now lets see some of the scenarios. The … Continue reading

Renewing Active Directory Certificate Authority

The scenario may differ based on the design. In this article we are going to discuss on renewing single RCA. Why and when do we have to renew Certificate Authority? Ans : The issuing authority is also nearing expiration or it is expired. Lets Explore Scenarios : In this scenario … Continue reading

Changing DAG Member IP Address

Although there are various threads on several discussion forums on the said topic. But in our case the scenario was little different and thought of addressing it and sharing it. Below is the scenario for which we decided to change the IP address. Scenario Exchange Server 2010 SP3 (Physical Server). … Continue reading

Queue : SMTP Relay to remote Active Directory Site

Recently I got a call from one of our client located in a remote Active Directory Site. Some users started complaining that they are not able to send and receive emails. Upon investigation we found that the emails are not working for across site users. Local users and self email … Continue reading

How to Configure Storage for MailStore Server

In this blog we will see how to configure Storage for MailStore Server. It is very important to configure proper storage before we start Archiving Emails. By default the Storage is on System Partition. With that said lets move ahead with configuration. Figure 1: Master Database Location In figure 1 … Continue reading

Configure MailStore Server Service

In the previous article we have seen how to Install MailStore Server. In this article we will see the configuration option for MailStore Server Service. Post installation there are certain configuration steps that needs to be done before we put the server into production environment. Let’s Explore Open “Configure the … Continue reading

Mailstore Archive Server for Exchange Server

In this blog lets see how to install MailStore Archive Server for Exchange Server. Product Website : With the release of Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2013. Microsoft has also introduced the online archive feature for Archiving Email Items from Users Mailbox. In this article we would be … Continue reading