AdPrep in Windows Server 2012

In this blog post we will be learning on how to install Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller in an Existing Active Directory environment.

Active Directory Preparation is a mandatory task before we introduce any latest version of Windows Server. For example if we are running Windows Server 2008 R2 and we want to introduce Windows Server 2012 then we have to Prepare the forest and the domain so that we can promote Windows Server 2012 as a domain controller.

Estimated Time : 30 Minutes

Before We Begin

The account with which we are going to perform this task should be a member of Schema Admins Group and Enterprise Admins Group.

Windows Server 2012 should be a domain joined machine for easy upgrade.


Existing Environment

Domain Controller : DC1.MSEXCHANGETEAM.IN

Forest Functional Level : Windows Server 2008 R2

Domain Functional Level : Windows Server 2008 R2

Lets Explore

Open Adsiedit to check what is the current forest udpate.


Figure 1.1 : ActiveDirectoryUpdate

Right click ActiveDirectoryUPdate and select properties.


Figure 1.2 : Revision 5 for ActiveDirectoryUpdate

In figure 1.2 the revision is showing as number 5 which is for Windows Server 2008 R2. Post upgrading the forest we will check revision.


Figure 1.3 : adprep /forestprep

In figure 1.3 we have run the command from ‘Windows Server 2012 Media. The location is  \Support\adprep. Run the command as shown above.


Figure 1.4 : Schema Version

In figure 1.4 it says Current Schema version is 47 and Upgrading Schema to Version 56. This schema files are available inside Adprep folder.


Figure 1.5 : Command Completed Successfully


Figure 1.6 : DomainPrep

How to confirm if Forest Prep and Domain Prep has completed successfully.

Go to the same location as shown in figure 1.1 and select propeties. You should see the below revision as shown below.


Figure 1.7 : Forest Prep has completed and the version has changed.

Now lets check the domain prep.

Open Adsiedit and connect to the default naming context as shown below.


Figure 1.7 : Default Naming Context


Figure 1.8 : Right Click Active Directory Update as shown above and select properties.


Figure 1.8 : Domain Prep update.

Active Directory has been prepared for Windows Server 2012 Domain Controllers. We can introduce Windows Server 2012 DC whenever required.

In this blog we have learnt how to prepare and extend schema to support latest version of Windows Server 2012.

In next part we will be learning how to install Additional 2012 Domain Controller in an existing environment.

Happy Learning


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