Benefits of Anti-spam Function in Exchange 2016

Exchange 2016 brings many new features, which are not present in its previous versions. Its architecture supports Anti spam and anti-malware protection which protects organization from malicious activities.

Microsoft Exchange 2016 has Edge Transport Sever, which is installed in perimeter network that provide Anti-spam protection. If an organization has Edge transport server, it’s all Anti spam agents that are present in a Mailbox sever are enabled by default.

Edge Transport Server

It handles the all incoming and outgoing mail flow. Agents present in Edge Transport Sever provide protection to messages. The agent gives protection against junk and spam mails.

Anti-Spam Agents on Mailbox

Anti-spam agent assign priority to transport agent from lower to higher priority, therefore priority 1 will act on message before priority 10. Anti spam agent is registered in transport pipeline where SMTP event is also present, this event determine the order of anti spam agent to act on messages.

Types of Anti Spam Agents on Edge Transport Server:

  1. Connection filtering Agents: It uses IP allow list, IP Block list which detect whether a connection should be blocked and allowed.
  2. Recipient filter agents: It uses recipient block list that determine, the message allowed to enter the organization or not.
  3. Attachment filtering agents: This type of filtering depends on the attachment files of messages. It is based on attachment names, extension or MIME content type.

Below is the given order that Anti spam agent are applied on messages on Edge Transport Server

  1. Sender filter agent: It compares the sender to the list of sender’s domains that are restricted to send email to organization.
  2. Sender id agent: It depends on the IP address of sender and determine whether sender is spoofed or not.
  3. Content filter agent: It applies Spam Confidential Level (SCL) to each message.
  4. Protocol analysis agents: It checks the Senders Reputation Level (SRL) on incoming messages.

Benefits of Anti-spam Function in Exchange 2016

  • Microsoft Exchange 2016 features built-in Anti-spam function that protects the system from unwanted and malicious attack.
  • Intruders and malicious senders send unwanted or junk emails to organization, Exchange 2016 have multi layered architecture that helps to keep spam messages away. Microsoft Exchange 2016 provide complete anti spam protection.
  • It acts as a balancing way to allowing justified mails and blocking unwanted messages.
  • It allows user to increase and decrease aggressiveness of the setting, depending type of spam that any organization is getting.
  • Increasing the level of aggressiveness of agents will find the spam massages early.

The latest version of Exchange server gives a secure environment to an organization by giving compete protection from malicious activities.

Exchange 2016 has anti spam agents that scans incoming mail and allow only legitimate mails to enter in organization environment.


In this post we discussed about benefits of using Anti-spam Function in Exchange 2016. We also discussed about where does Anti-Spam Agents are installed on exchange server and how does it protects the user mailbox. At last we also discussed the benefits of using Anti-Spam in Exchange 2016.

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