Certificate Backup in Exchange Server 2013 SP1

In this article we will be learning on how to  backup Certificates which has been installed either via Internal CA or from a Third Party Vendor.


  • Certificates can be easily restored at the time of disaster. This will save our valuable time.

Let’s Explore

Figure 1: Certificate for Backup

In figure 1 we can see 4 certificates. Out of 4 only 1 is important which is issued either by an internal CA or purchased from any Third Party CA. At the time of disaster recovery all self signed certificates will be installed, however the one which is highlighted has to be Imported.

Figure 2: Export Exchange Certificate

In figure 2 select Export Exchange Certificate as shown above by navigating to “”.

Figure 3: File to Export

In figure 3 we have to create a shared folder with appropriate permissions to read and write. Provide a password and click ok.

Figure 4: Cert Backup

In figure 4 we can copy and move the certificate to some other safe location for future use.

We would be sharing the scenario on how to import the certificate in the next article.


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