Changing DAG Member IP Address

Although there are various threads on several discussion forums on the said topic. But in our case the scenario was little different and thought of addressing it and sharing it. Below is the scenario for which we decided to change the IP address.


Exchange Server 2010 SP3 (Physical Server).

Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1

10 Member DAG.

Network Interface Card is Teamed for the problematic server.


  • Backup Failing.

By looking at the backup events we came to know it was because of one DAG member which is not reachable and due to which the copy queue length was queued with several thousand log files.

Basic steps for diagnosing

  • Pinging the server returned APIPA address.
  • Network resource unavailable when we open failover cluster manager.
  • Test Replication Health failed.
  • System Log has no critical events.
  • NIC was completely scanned for known problem, however it ended up saying that its just working fine.

We thought it was due to teamed NIC, so we broke the teaming. The issue still not resolved.

Finally left with no option decided to change the IP address since Copy queue length was growing rapidly.

Changed the IP address and rebooted the server. Issue resolved.

Excuse me for not sharing the screenshots due to security reasons.



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