Configure MailStore Server Service

In the previous article we have seen how to Install MailStore Server. In this article we will see the configuration option for MailStore Server Service.

Post installation there are certain configuration steps that needs to be done before we put the server into production environment.

Let’s Explore

Open “Configure the MailStore Server Service” as shown below.

Figure 1: Configure the MailStore Server Service

Figure 2: General

In figure 2 under base configuration we have first General. Under General Settings we have three configurations

1) Master Database : In practical scenarios the directory has to be changed. Do not keep anything on System Partitions. Master Database is used to store MailStore server settings, the user database and email messages.

2) Features : The features is for Add-ins with which MailStore Server will communicate to Archive The emails. Select the features as per your organizations requirement.

3) Locksmith: The is to recover the Default “Admin” account incase if it gets deleted.

Figure 3: IP Addresses and Ports

Get the Certificate Installed by selecting the options as shown above.

Figure 4: Startup Script

In figure 4 Script can be written and saved in a bat file to access certain resource when MailStore Service Starts.

Figure 5: Event Viewer

Figure 6: Debugging

In figure 6 we can enable Debug Log for advanced troubleshooting.

More articles to follow on MailStore Server and MailStore Clients.



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