How to Create Auto Signatures Centrally in Office 365/Exchange Online

There is a question that how to create auto signatures centrally in Office 365 (Exchange Online) account? As a signature is a vital part of corporate uniqueness and identity. Signatures have radically evolved and are being used from the début of our civilization. It has come a long way from being hand-prints on the surfaces of caves and walls to the digital initials in an email. The basic way of signing has been changed after the invention of the E-mails. Signatures have taken a more commercial turn like e-sign has become an essential part of a business card (Digital business card).
Infact, there are several users who are looking for complete steps to set up and apply auto signatures to all the Exchange Online account emails. The following article has come with the solution to configure e-signatures in O365 Exchange account.

Steps to Add Auto Signatures Centrally in Office 365/Exchange Online

Using Disclaimers we can make a centralized auto signature in Exchange online in Office 365.

  1. Use Transport Rules to apply Disclaimers automatically to e-mail messages.
  2. To create Transport Rules in Exchange control Panel:
    Click Manage My Organization >> Mail Control >> Rules and build your custom rules.
  3. 2

  4. Next, you need to specify the most appropriate text in the disclaimer. Here you can include HTML tags. For basic example refer to the image:4

    when disclaimers are added the attribute names will be replaced by the corresponding values from the user account of sender’s.

  5. For Testing the Disclaimer Compose a message with no signature.
  6. 5

  7. The signature is inserted by the Transport Rule. This is how recipient sees the message:6

Another example of an electronic signature is shown below:


Pros of Electronic Signature

  • Serves the purpose of a Digital Business Card, Free marketing tool. Gives a professional impression to the other end.
  • An Easy way of sharing contact details. Electronic Signature makes it easy for others to connect with you.
  • Hyperlinks to the website can be added to electronic signatures resulting in a higher traffic to the site.
  • Adding Social Media Partners can get the organization new followers on social media, simultaneously does the job of social media marketing.
  • Including a logo makes your brand more familiar and recognizable to the new customers.

Cons of Electronic Signature

  • Designing and implementation Manually can be a time and effort taking process.
  • Transport Rules creation can be tricky for someone who is new to Exchange or Microsoft 365.
  • The Format support is a major issue. An outlook signature may look strange on a pocket device like iPhone.
  • The image will increase the size of the email.


Applying auto signatures in a Microsoft O365 account is proved to be a great marketing tool. It proves the professional identity of an individual and the organization. The add e-signatures are the new trend, but the process of creating the digital signature is tedious. The above write-up has the solution for the users who want to know that how to create auto signatures in Office 365 or Exchange Online emails. However, the steps above have been discussed very precisely so that a user can easily configure the signatures automatically and then can apply those in each mail.

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