Create Public Folder in Exchange 2016 Using EAC or PowerShell

In this article we are going to discuss about how to create public folder in Exchange 2016 using EAC or PowerShell commands. As you might know that Public folder is a sharing folder in Exchange server 2016 that provides a shared access of file within the server. It renders an easy & effective way of collecting, organizing, and sharing information among a set of group. Initially, this folder inherits the properties of its parent folder, along with permissions.

Points To Remember

  • The process of creating a file is about 5 minutes
  • Users need to have the server permissions (used for public folder creation), before performing the further set of steps
  • Before creating public folders, it is mandatory to have a public folder mailbox.

Processes to Create Public Folder

Using Exchange Admin Center

While using the admin center to create public folder, one can set name and path of the public folder. For configuring additional settings, firstly you’ll have to edit the public folder after it’s creation.

  • Go to Public Folder >> Public Folders
  • If you want to create a public folder as sub-folder of existing one, then click on Existing Public Folder from the list view; else skip this step
  • Click on Add + button
  • In Public Folder, mention the name of the new folder. Remember that don’t use backlash symbol while naming the public folder
  • Examine the storage location of new public folder from Path box. If you want a desired location, then click on Cancel and go to Step 2
  • Now click on Save button for storing the newly created public folder

Now its time to verify whether the folder is created or not, and to do so click on Refresh button for refreshing the public folder list. After refreshing the folder list, you will find new public folder with its name.

Using Exchange Management Shell

Working with the Exchange shell means that there are some commands which could be used for creating public folders. Below mentioned command will help you to create public folder in Exchange 2016:
Create Public Folder in Exchange 2016
In you’ll have to mention the name of new public folder, and in you’ll have to specify the location of newly created folder. However, the symbol i.e., backlash is restricted while naming the public folder. In order to verify whether the folder is created or not, you need to execute the following cmdlets:
Create Public Folder in Exchange 2016 Using EAC or PowerShell


The blog focus upon the ways to create a new public folder in Exchange 2016 using Exchange Management Shell and EAC (Exchange Admin Center). Moreover, it also gives a solution to verify the newly created folder.
Still you are unable to create public folder then check whether the Exchange database is in Healthy condition or not. If it is in healthy condition then there could be another possibility of getting the error. But if it is not in healthy condition then you can use any Tool for Exchange Database recovery or you can do same using PowerShell Commands too.

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