Disable Direct Booking For All Room Mailboxes


Very recently i came across a tool called SetAA which was written by Stephen Griffin to disable Direct booking. I actually used this tool to disable Direct booking for all the room mailboxes in my organisation. It also has many other functions that it can do. In this post lets see how to disable Direct booking for all the room mailboxes and Functions of SetAA.


We will have to download SetAA  from the link and extract to a location on the machine that has outlook configured.


Step 1: Give  a user full access  on all the room mailboxes so that it has the capability to open the Room mailboxes. For this post i would choose Administrator.. You can use the following command to give full access on all the room mailboxes.



Fig 1 : Shows the list of room mailboxes and the command to add full access permission to them.


Step 2 : Get the LegacyExchangeDN value of all the room mailboxes in a .TXT file.



Fig 2 : Shows the command and the TXT file that contains the LegacyExchangeDN value of all the room mailboxes.


Step 3: In the TXT that contains the LegacyExchangeDN remove the White spaces and the header files if any.


Step 4 : Place the TXT file in the same location as SetAA.exe is present. We can even copy the SetAA to a different location and do the procedure. By default the SetAA is present in c:\SetAA\Release.

Step 5 : Run the following command to remove the Direct booking.

For /f “delims=” %i in (LegDN.txt) do @SetAA –p “administrator” –m %z

In this command –p is the profile that has full access on all the room mailbox as already discussed for this post we have considered “Administrator”  -m talks about disabling all the 3 check boxes in Outlook when Direct booking enabled.


Step 6 : once the command is run successfully this is how the direct booking will look like in Outlook.



Let see what all does SetAA do .




Happy Learning.


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