DiscoverySearchMailbox has been corrupted and it is in an inconsistent state

DiscoverSearchMailbox {Guid} has been corrupted and it is in an inconsistent state. The following validation errors have occurred:

The value of the property ‘RecipientTypeDetails’,536870912, is not defined in the Enum type ‘RecipientTypeDetails’.


We will see the above two warnings while we plan for Migration from Exchange Server 2007 SP3 RU10 to Exchange Server 2013. This is a Common warning and it appears while opening EMC as shown  below.

Figure 1: Warning Message
Warning while opening EMC in 2007 server.

Figure 2: Warnings
No action is required since the mailbox is of higher version and the warning can be safely ignored.

Figure 3: Mailbox Details in 2013 EMS

In figure 3 the Mailbox is accessible and it is able to perform Discovery Search from Exchange Server 2013 for 2013 Mailboxes.

Conclusion : The above warnings can be safely ignored.



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4 Responses to DiscoverySearchMailbox has been corrupted and it is in an inconsistent state

  1. Hello Sunder,

    Thank you for the excellent post.

    Hello gentlemen, Allow me to introduce ,Sunder Rajan Mudliar, the root admin for this site and Author of most of the documents you see here. He has worked on MS messaging technology that backs up to 2000.

    And on a personal note I would like to inform you that he is the mentor of this unit that provides IT knowledge , without any charge. These are from real time scenario, that we have come across .

    In my experience , I have seen that this issue occurs a clobber reinstallation where the administrator has manually removed the mail databases and the binary files. post which a ndw mbx server is clobbered on . This error happens because the homemdb attribute is not set on the mailbox.
    This issue can be resolved by adding a DN of a mailbox on the homeMdb attribute. restart the msexchangeis servicce on the homemdb filed in adsiedit > domain> users > discovertsearchXXX.XXXX…..rt click on it . on the home mdb tab , you might get anSID value instead of the new mailboxes.
    Changethe homeMdb attribute to the DN of any active mailbox. restart the IS service.

    Worst case scenarip you might or reboot the server . ideally this should resolve the issue .

    RCA tool .This generally happens when ,lets say 2ek10 is installed on top of the legacy mailbox server , in the org and the ccustomer has done a manual uninstall all of exchange and has forgotten to mention the DN of the discoverysearchmailbox > please try to check the homeMDB attribute.If its a points to a SID, for the database.

    Ideally it should show the DN of the any of the mailbox database..

    restart the msexchangeIS svc and try to check if the discovery search mailbox shows up or not.

    It should ideally work , but as an extreme alternative , delete the existing discoverysearchmailbox and run a /ps && /p ,
    post this the new discovery search mailbox will be created

  2. George Davey says:

    This message cannot always be safely ignored because it causes the following command to fail in powershell:
    Get-mailbox fails on an Exchange 2007 server when a higher level exchange server is brought into the environment. The following work around works:
    Execute the Get-Mailbox command from the higher level exchange server using the -Server
    In exchange 2013 exchange administrators must create a service administrative mailbox on the exchange 2013 server to be able to run this command from the exchange powershell on the higher level exchange server.

  3. Jonny Andrés says:

    Saludos, gracias por la información estoy en migración y me ayudo mucho el documento, gracias.