Exchange Server PowerShell “Tip of the Day #1:”

I remember few days back somebody asking me as to how many built in tips are there in Exchange Server. There are various blogs and discussion forums which discusses on how and where is the source of the tips located. In this short blog I would like to address just the number of tip each Exchange Server has. Mentioning each tips here is not possible.

Since year 2006 people working with Exchange Server would have experienced the PowerShell “Tip of the Day” in Exchange Server 2007 while opening the Exchange Server PowerShell.

Idea behind introducing “Tip of the Day” was to help people understand and get used to PowerShell. Not an expert level understanding, however it does helps beginners to get started with. The built-in tip is almost enough to learn most of the basic commands of Exchange Servers.

With that said lets see how to get the tip of your choice.

Login to Exchange Server 2007 or Exchange Server 2010 or Exchange Server 2013 and open Exchange PowerShell as shown below and type “get-tip” and press enter.

Figure 1: get-tip

In figure 1 get-tip has returned “Tip of the day #1”. With only get-tip we will get random tip. So to get the desired numbers type with a number as shown below.

Figure 2: get-tip 93

In figure 2 after entering get-tip 93 has returned the desired tip of the day.

So here is the number of tips available in each version of Exchange Servers.

  1. Exchange Server 2007 : 1-78
  2. Exchange Server 2010 : 1-101
  3. Exchange Server 2013 : 1-93

Hope it is helpful for Exchange Server beginners and enthusiasts.



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