How to Create a Policy Rule on FOPE

My name is Shyam and this is my first blog on FOPE. In this blog post we will be learning how to create a Policy Rule on Microsoft Forefront Online Protection for Exchange.

The rule is to understand the way we can block Domain Wise or Email Wise.

Login to Office 365 with the Admin Credentials and Navigate to “Manage” as shown below.


Figure 1.1 : Select Manager post logging in with Admin Credentials.


Figure 1.2 : Mail Control

In Figure 1.2 Select Mail Control as shown above.


Figure 1.3 Rules

In figure 1.3 Select rules

  • Description :“Use rules to control the flow of e-mail message in your organization. If you don’t want a rule to run you can turn it off or delete it.”

In the action pane area you have to select

  • Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

“Configure IP safelisting, perimeter message tracing, and e-mail policies.”


Figure 1.4 : Administration

In figure 1.4 Select Administration and Select Policy Rules as shown above.


Figure 1.5 : In the Tasks pane select New Policy Rule

By Selecting New Policy Rule we will create email filter policy.


Figure 1.6 : Email filter policy

In Figure 1.6 we have three we have three action areas.

  • Rule Settings

In rule settings we have Domain Scope, Traffic Scope, Action, Expiration date and Description for the rule.

  • Match – New Policy Rule

In Match – New Policy rule we have Header, Sender, Recipient, Attachment, Subject, Body and Message.

  • Actions

Save Policy Rule or Cancel


Figure 1.7 : Example of Domain blocking.


Figure 1.8 : Example of Email Blocking.

In Figure 1.8 we have blocked email address and also there is an option for Notifications.



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