How To Create a VM On Azure


In this post let see as to how we could create a VM on Azure.Before we create the VM we have to have the Virtual networks and storage in place. Refer Setting up Static IP address On Azure and My Server On Cloud (Azure) post on how we can achieve Virtual networks and IP address getting assigned to our VMs

Lets follow the below steps to create a VM in Azure. As we know we need to have a subscription for azure and that can be a Free trial as well.Once we have that, then we can click on New—> Virtual Machine.



                                                                           Fig 1

From Fig 1 we see that we have an option to create a new VM either from gallery or quick create if you choose gallery you will have Microsoft predefined Images. We have Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 servers along with it we do have SQL and many more.You can also import a VHD that is created in Hyper-V to Azure,validate and use the VHD.

We also have an option to do a quick create as the name says we can just create the machine and customize it later. Now lets see what is that customization, to talk about that let me choose From gallery for this post.


        Fig 2.

From the Fig 2. we see the list of server that are available form Microsoft and we can choose any of the images that are available.You can see on the left hand side of Fig 2, the available servers and options we have during creation of the VM. For this post let me choose Windows server 2008 R2 SP1


Fig 3.

In Fig 3 we see that we have to provide a name for the Server name,Memory,and the user name to the server


Fig 4

As we see in Fig 4 we have to specify a cloud service or we can create a new one if this is the first time creation. If the VMs are in the same cloud service then they all can be managed under the same service name. We can specify the Virtual network that we need the VM to be. Also we can specify the storage that needs to attached to the VM


We are just a click away from the creation of the new VM.Once you click on the ok Icon the VM gets created as per our customization.The VMs will be available as similar to the VMs that we have on Hyper-V.Hope the last 3 post were helpful in creating a VM on Azure.




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