How to Install Microsoft PST Capture Tool – Part 1

In this blog post we will be learning on how to setup PST capture tool from a centralized location and import them to production mailboxes on Exchange Server 2010 SP2.

Managing recipients is always a challenge for Administrators. With a growing number of email messages on a daily basis. Keeping them on server in legacy version of Exchange requires that extra room to store the exchange database. To avoid this end users use to download emails to their local .pst files. Now managing this .pst files requires additional effort. For Example.

1) If a user has left the organization then getting those emails back to server is not possible.

2) At the time of audit it is very difficult to search emails which is stored in .pst file.

With the release of PST Capture Tool All Administrators can relax and import email from .pst file located in individual workstations from a centralized location.

Although this tool is little old now, however it is always good to be in safer side.

Who will be benefited

Consultants who deal with Infrastructure Consulting.

Field Engineers who are involved in Migration from Legacy to Exchange Server 2010 SP2. This tool can help in getting all emails from pst files to Exchange Server 2010.

Exchange Administrators handling on premise Exchange Server 2010 medium to large enterprise.

Before We Begin

The account with which we are running the tool must be a member of Local Administrators group on all client workstations.

If you are planning to Import emails to On Premise. The account must a member of Local Administrators Group and also Mailbox Enabled Users.

The account should be added to Public Folder Management Role Group. For more information on permission please click here.


Only Exchange Server 2010 is supported.

Outlook 2010 to be installed on the Central Computer (Dedicated for PST capture console).

Clients should be running Outlook 2010 on Computers where PST capture agent is installed.

All computers should be a Domain Joined Machines.

Windows 7. Vista, Windows Serve 2008 & Windows Server 2008 R2 is a supported platform.

.Net Framework 3.5.1

Exchange Online subscription is required if you are planning to Import emails to cloud.

PST Capture Tool is available here for download. The tool is free.

PSTCapture.msi (PST Capture Console)

PSTCaptureAgent.msi (For 64 Bit Client Machines)

PSTCaptureAgent_x86.msi (For 32 Bit Client Machines)


DC Name : DC1


Exchange Server Name : MBX

One dedicated client machine with Outlook 2010. This machine will be used for PST Capture Console.

Clients Machines with PST Capture Agent installed with Outlook 2010.

First lets begin with installing PST Capture Console.

Install .Net Framework 3.5.1.


Figure 1.1 : Installing PST Capture Console.


Figure 1.2 : Setting up Service Account

In figure 1.2 we have kept the default administrator account.

The user account of the Central Service must have permissions to:

  • Modify the contents of the Mailboxes on the Exchange Server
  • Read the contents of the Active Directory


Figure 1.3 : Installation Completed.

Note :I have not pasted all steps since they are self explanatory.

Next we will install PST Capture Agent on a client workstation.

First install .Net Framework 3.5.1


Figure 2.1 : Installing PST Capture Agent Setup Wizard


Figure 2.2 : PST Central Service

In figure 2.2 we have entered the PST Central Service host computer with port number as default.

Host Computer Name would be your server which will have PSTCaptureConsole installed.


Figure 2.3 : Enter credential of Administrator

In Figure 2.3 is it prompting for credential. Since we are installing the tool on a client machine we have to enter Administrator credential.


Figure 2.4 : Setup finished.

Note : I have not pasted all steps since they are self explanatory.

Points to remember

First install PST Capture Console on a dedicated workstation

Second install PST Capture Agents on all workstation from where you would like to search and import PST to Exchange Server 2010 SP2.

In the next part series we will be learning on how to configure various settings to scan and search for pst across network.

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Happy Learning


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