How to Install Microsoft PST Capture Tool – Part 3

In this blog post we will learn on how to perform PST files search which is located on individual client machines.

Before We Begin

Caution : This operation might cause network traffic in peak hours. Recommended is to perform the search in off peak hours or in the weekend to avoid downtime.

Now lets begin New PST Search by selecting the below option.


Figure 1.1 : New PST Search


Figure 1.2 : New PST Search. Step 1 of 4

In figure 1.2 since we have installed PST Capture Agent in CL1 it is getting listed by default. Other computers are showing as RED. You can also perform batch operation (Optional).

Click Next >


Figure 1.3 : Step 2 of 4

In Figure 1.3 specify the locations you want to search.

  • Locations to Search
  • Locations to Ignore

Click Next >


Figure 1.4 : Step 3 of 4

Schedule the Date and Time when you want to perform Search. Default is “No Schedule (Run Manually)”.

Also if the client workstation is offline then if will not be searched.

Click Next >


Figure 1.5 : Step 4 of 4

PST Search planned for 1 computer

Default PST Search Name given by the tool with date and time.

Click Finish.

Now lets run the search manually.


Figure 2.1 : Exploring Search Option.

In figure 2.1 we will select Search All Now for one computer which has Agent installed.


Figure 2.2 : PST Search is running


Figure 2.3 : Search completed.

In figure 2.3 when you look carefully it was able to locate all PST’s located on that Client computer.

In the next part series we will perform an On Premise Import to the desired mailboxes.

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Happy Learning


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