How to Move Mailbox from Exchange Server 2010 SP3 to Exchange Server 2013 CU1

In this blog we would be exploring on how to start with the first step towards planning for migration. Yes, the first object which gets migrated is Mailbox.

Although the process is same and there is no change in move mailbox, however there are few improvements which I would like to share.

Data that needs to be migrated on priority.

  • Mailbox
  • Public folder (If it exists).

Best Practices

  • Ensure Good valid backups exists on source server. This is to Rollback in case if anything goes wrong.



Figure 1 : New Local Mailbox Move.

To move the mailbox using CSV file please click here.


Figure 2 : Creating a batch name.

Batch name is required to understand the track the number of mailboxes moved.


Figure 3 : After a batch a complete an option to send email to Administrator.


Figure 4 : Alerts

In figure 4 we have something called as alerts to keep us updated.


Figure 5 : Details view


Figure 6 : Email to Administrator

In figure 6 a detailed report has been sent to Administrator. The same can also be downloaded if required.

In the next part we will explore the step by step procedures on how to migrate Public Folder and also some best practices.


Happy Learning


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