How to Open EMC in Exchange Server 2010 while logging in

By Default in Windows Server 2008 whenever we log in Server Manager MMC opens. Its good that it allows us to check if anything has to be installed. However after few days if all required Roles and Features are installed then it is no more a necessity. Especially on a server which is running Exchange Server. Thought of sharing steps on how to stop Server Manager MMC and start Exchange Management Console by default.

Figure 1: Server Manager
In figure 1 what we see is the Default Server Manager console.
By default Server Manager has the highest priority. Lets see from where it opens.

Go to Task Scheduler and Navigate to the below location.
Figure 2: Task Scheduler
In figure 2 I have already disabled Server Manager Task to start while logging in.

Now lets see the steps on how to create new task so that it helps us to open EMC by default.

Figure 3: New Task
In figure 3 New task by the name EMC has been created. Post the task is created we have to edit the properties as shown in the next steps.

Figure 4: EMC Task properties – General

Figure 5: EMC Properties – Triggers

Figure 6: EMC.msc path
Copy the path and go to Action as shown below.
Figure 7: Action
In figure 7 under Program/script copy the information as shown in figure 6 and click ok.

Note: The path may differ on different servers.

Log Off and Log in Again.

Figure 8: Add Snap-in

Wait for few seconds.

Figure 9: Exchange Management Console

Exchange Management Console will open whenever you login to the server which is having Exchange Server Roles Installed.

Please Note : Server Manager can be opened as per the requirement.

Hope this was helpful



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