How to view message details using Outlook Web App in Exchange Server 2013

While troubleshooting email flow at times Administrators might require message details. This message details were easily available with the help of Microsoft Outlook Client, however not all message sent from the client would be available. For Example, internal message details wont be available and only emails sent to external recipients will be available.

In Exchange Server 2013 we have this option to read the Message Details via Outlook Web App.

Lets Explore

Legacy Server 2010 Outlook Web App.


Figure 1.1 : Sent Items

In figure 1.1 we have an email sent using Outlook Web App in 2010 server. No option is available to view message details. Lets see what we have in 2013.



Figure 1.2 ; Sent Items in 2013

In figure 1.2 we have email sent using OWA in 2013 server. Lets move ahead to view the message details.


Figure 1.3 : Option to select


Figure 1.4 : Message Details

In figure 1.4 we can see the message details. If you want to copy the message and read it in a notepad you can do so by copying the message and pasting it as shown below.


Figure 1.5 : Message Details in detail

In figure 1.5 we have copied the message to a Notepad. This will help you read the required data the way you want.


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