Linked Mailbox in Exchange Server 2013 – Part 3

In part 1 and 2 we have learned how to create trust relationship between two forest and then created few linked mailboxes.

In this blog post we will be creating an EAP for Linked Mailbox users.

Open EAC from any computer. Login with Admin credentials and then navigate to “mail flow”. In the middle pane select accepted domains. Click on “+”.


Figure 3.1 : New Accepted Domain

New accepted domain is now created.


Figure 3.2 : Email Address Format

By Selecting the accepted domain we will create a new email address policy.


Figure 3.3 : Default settings selected for creating EAP.


Figure 3.4 : Warning message.


Figure 3.5 : EAP created.

In Figure 3.5 we will not select apply now, since we have to create filter so that email address gets stamped as per the domain name. We will first create a custom attribute for users as shown below and then we will edit the policy.


Figure 3.6 : Adding custom attributes for one user as “MSEXCH”.

Now lets edit the EAP by selecting the edit option as shown in figure 3.5.


Figure 3.7 : EAP modified with custom attribute 1 as ‘MSEXCH

In figure 3.7 post adding custom attribute 1 select “Preview recipients the policy applies to” as shown above.


Figure 3.8 : Preview.

The policy was able to find out recipients.


Figure 3.9 : Policy Applied.

Email address policy has been created successfully for linked mailbox.

In the next part we will test mail flow and client connectivity using Outlook Web App.

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Happy Learning


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