Mailstore Archive Server for Exchange Server

In this blog lets see how to install MailStore Archive Server for Exchange Server.

Product Website :

With the release of Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2013. Microsoft has also introduced the online archive feature for Archiving Email Items from Users Mailbox.

In this article we would be focusing on a Third Party Archive Software MailStore. Although there are many other softwares available to Archive the emails out of Exchange Server and other Messaging Platforms.

MailStore is very easy to install and get started. Do visit the company site for more details on compatibility, pricing and support options.

Lets Explore

For testing purpose I have downloaded the Software for Windows Server 2008 R2.

Pre-requisites : Install .Net Framework 3.5 with SP1

Note : I have skipped few steps since they are self explanatory.

Figure 1: Optimizing

Optimization takes little longer, however its worth waiting and letting the software to the job for you.

Figure 2: Setup Completed

It just took few steps by just clicking Next and the setup is over.

Figure 3: Login

In figure 3 what we see is the default MailStore Login. It is recommended to keep the account and password as default.

Figure 4: Install License

In figure 4 enter the product key.

Figure 5: MailStore Server 8

The Setup is over.

As we can see it is very simple. But its not like that. Since it’s a third party application, accessing Exchange Server wont be that easy.

To provide access it is mandatory to have Impersonation Configured. To understand Impersonation you can follow the article written by Michel de Rooij @ EighTwOne



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One Response to Mailstore Archive Server for Exchange Server

  1. Kelly Dobson says:

    Try Mailsafe for an alternative. They have tools to bring in and find PST files. They are a offer a solid search functionality in Outlook and have a WebApp available as well.