My Server On Cloud (Azure)

Let me take this opportunity to talk about my server on cloud.Azure is a platform that every one say as Cloud OS.

What is Cloud OS?

Cloud OS mean I can have my OS on Cloud and install any application on it and work as if its on prem.Also I can have connectivity between my on prem server and the cloud OS and both can work hand in hand.If you have worked on Hyper-V or VM then most of them might look familiar to you.I am going to have couple of blogs that would tell us how to build OS in the cloud  this blog is going to be a start on how to build our OS in Cloud and have applications on it.

Steps to build our Cloud OS

Step 1: Obtain subscription from cloud to have an account created. For this blog I have a Free trial create that would allow us to create our OS



Step 2 : Once you are done with the free trial you are ready to build your own OS.the first step to create a VM is defining your Networks.Click on new —> Virtual network and custom create


Fig 2

In the below Fig 3 We have an option to define the datacenter in which we want to have our have our network and the machine.


Fig 3.

In Fig 4 it asks about DNS server information. This is kind of important if you are going to have a DNS server on the cloud.let me say I am going to have a Domain controller that will be my DNS server on the cloud,in that case I need to define my server name with the IP here.

DNS server name you might have decided about the DC name so please provide it here. Now what will be the IPaddress,Since I have not built my machine yet what can be my ip address here.

On Cloud the IP address are DHPC provided one but we can make the DHCP to provide what IP address  we want to be given to the machine. After you decide the class of IP any machine that you create will have the following IP as the starting IP So I will give my DC name and the IP address as 10.0.04


                                                                    Fig 4.

This stage you have the option to choose the class of IP address that you wish to have it for the machines


                                                                     Fig 5

Step 3 : Creating Affinity group.

Why do we need to create Affinity group. if we don’t create Affinity groups then our servers will be placed any where in the datacenter and not near by each other this will create latency and delay issues.

How to create Affinity Group

Click on settings and click on Affinity groups —-> click on new and provide the necessary details


Fig 6.

Step 4 :Create a Storage.

Click on storage and click on new —-> Quick create and provide the necessary details


Fig 7.

As of this part 1 let me stop as of now and we would see more about Azure in my forth coming blogs……




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