Outlook Anywhere in Exchange Server 2013 – What’s New

In this blog we will explore something new which has been introduced in Exchange Server 2013. Yes, that’s New Outlook Anywhere configuration changes introduced for Microsoft Outlook.


Client – Microsoft Outlook 2010

Exchange Server – Microsoft Exchange 2013

In Previous versions of exchange so far we have seen all local clients are considered as “MAPI” clients. In Exchange Server 2013 by default local clients are “RPC/HTTP”. So you don’t need any extra configuration for setting up RPC/HTTP. The SSL Certificate used for Outlook Web APP and Active Sync can be used for Outlook Anywhere.


Lets Explore

For testing purpose we are configuring outlook profile for one user who is domain joined.


Figure 1.1 : Outlook Setup


Figure 1.2 : Option to configure Mailbox


Figure 1.3 : Setup Continued


Figure 1.4 : Final Configuration

Click finish. Post configuration open Outlook. Go to File > Account Settings > Select Change.



Figure 2.1 ; Server Name Highlighted

In figure 2.1 what we see in Server is not server name. Rather it is Exchange Mailbox Guid which is unique for every user Mailbox.

In this option a user can create multiple outlook profile the way it was in previous version of Exchange.


Figure 2.2 : Mailbox Guid Enlarged.


Figure 2.3 : Output from LDP dump.

In figure 2.3 we have output for a User Account which was taken using LDP tool. In this we see Object Guid and Mailbox Guid is different. This was the case with all versions of Exchange.


Figure 2.4 : Output from Powershell command for User


Figure 2.4 : Output from Powershell command for Mailbox.


Figure 2.5 : More settings options.

In figure 2.5 what we see is the email address for the user. Which was not the case with previous version of Exchange. We use to have only user Alias.


Figure 2.6 : Exchange Proxy Settings…

In figure 2.6 what we see is the option “Exchange Proxy Settings” which is by default enabled.


Figure 2.7 : HTTP settings by default enabled.

In this blog we have seen the changes which is by default enabled for all local clients.

Happy Learning


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