Public Folder Item Recovery in Exchange 2013

In this blog post we will be learning on how to perform a Single Item Recovery of a Public Folder if it was deleted accidentally by end users.

Tools used to recover the deleted item is Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Old Story – Recovery of Public Folder or its Item was never so easy. Administrator’s has to perform whole Public Folder database restore and then perform a recovery. If it’s a multiple server scenario then doing so would cause a catastrophe.

Lets see what new feature we have in Exchange Server 2013.

Due to the change in Architecture. There is no Public Folder Database, instead we have Public Folder Mailboxes to manage and store individual folders. These mailboxes can either reside on a dedicated Mailbox Database (Best Practices) or it can be stored as per the requirement.

Now lets calculate and understand what retention limit is set on Mailbox Database level and Individual Public Folder Mailboxes.


Figure 1.1 : Deleted Item Retention set on Mailbox Database

The value is a default value and we can set up to manageable limit of 30 Days. Not more than that, since managing database would become a difficult task.


Figure 1.2 : Individual Public Folder Mailbox Retention Limit

In figure 1.2 we can set the retention Limit as per our requirement. If it has critical and sensitive data.

Now that we have checked the Deleted Items Retention for both Mailbox Database and Public Folder Mailbox. Time to delete and check how recovery works.


Figure 1.3 : Public Folder Item for Deletion

In figure 1.3 we will delete the item which is inside Sales folder.


Figure 1.4 : Item Deleted.


Figure 1.5 : Recover Deleted Items Folder.


Figure 1.6 : Items available for recovery.

In figure 1.6 it also says “From” who posted the item.


Figure 1.7 : Item Restored successfully.

In the next part series we will be learning on how to perform a recovery for Deleted Public Folder.

Important : An item can be recovered only if the end user remembers the date and time of deletion.

Happy Learning


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