Recovering a Failed CCR Passive Node in Exchange Server 2007

Although Exchange Server 2007 is pretty old now and on top of that recovering failed CCR Passive Node is also quite familiar. However the idea behind sharing the steps is to help people who are having confusion between /recoverserver and /recoverCMS.

Short Story
Unfortunately I got the opportunity while working on a different issue and in the course of troubleshooting Passive Node crashed and there is no way we can bring it back (Hardware failure).

I was working on Exchange Server 2007 SP1 RU10 (Not supported scenario). But there is no option rather getting the server back online.

Mandatory Requisites Checks

Step 1) Check Active Node and make a note of Hardware and Software already installed.
Step 2) Get the IP address for both Public and Private Network.
How to Get the network address
Open Failover Cluster Manager from active node and make a note of the Failed Machine Name and IP address.
Step 3) Ensure that new hardware is similar.

Offline prerequisites checks finished.

How to Add the Node Back

Step 1) Open Failover Cluster Manager from the Active Node. Evict the Failed Node. This will permanently remove the Failed node from cluster.
Step 2) Rename the new Computer Name with the Exact Name of the Crashed Node (Other names will also work)
Step 3) Assign both Private and Public Network address. Ensure that Public Network is on top. And also uncheck the option from Private network Advance option which says Register this connections addresses with DNS
Step 4) Login to any DC and Open Active Directory Users and Computers.
Step 5) Reset the Computer Account (Server Name)
Step 6) Add the machine to Domain.
Step 7) Login to the machine with same Administrator account which is used in Active node.
Step 8) Install Failover Cluster Manager Feature on the server.
Step 9) Open Failover Cluster Manager and add the Node.
Step 10) Install Exchange Server 2007 prerequisites.
Step 11) Install Exchange Server 2007 in GUI mode. And in the wizard select Custom and Select “Passive Clustered Mailbox Server”.
Step 12) Install RU if any as per the active node.
Step 13) Setup completed.
Step 14) Get the storage group copy status. Based on the status you can perform seeding from active node.
Step 15) Check failover and failback by moving the clustered mailbox server.

The above steps will work with Exchange Server 2007 SP1, Exchange Server 2007 SP2 and Exchange Server 2007 SP3.

I hope it was helpful.

Happy Recovery

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4 Responses to Recovering a Failed CCR Passive Node in Exchange Server 2007

  1. Amit says:


  2. Osama Mansoor says:

    I Followed The Steps But When I Try To move cluster mail box from exchange console or from cluster administrator its fails
    from exchange console i got this error


  3. Sunder says:

    Disaster Recovery has many scenarios. Could you please elaborate your scenario.

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