Renewing Active Directory Certificate Authority

The scenario may differ based on the design. In this article we are going to discuss on renewing single RCA.

Why and when do we have to renew Certificate Authority?

Ans : The issuing authority is also nearing expiration or it is expired.

Lets Explore

Scenarios : In this scenario we have single Root CA which is nearing expiration date.

Figure 1: Certificate Information

In figure 1 the certificate is about to expire on 3/22/2015. In such scenario even if you request for new certificate. The end date wont extend.

Login to ADCA server and open Certificate Authority as shown below.

Figure 2: Backup CA

In figure 2 Open Certificate Authority and right click “mail” (different companies may have different names) and select All Tasks and then Back up CA… The wizard will open as shown below.

Figure 3: Backup Wizard

Figure 4: Password

Figure 5: Renew CA Certificate

Figure 6: Click Yes at the Prompt

Figure 7: Renew CA Certificate

Figure 8: Certificate Renewed

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