Resource Mailbox in Exchange Server 2013 – Part 1

In this blog post we will be exploring the new Resource Mailbox in Exchange Server 2013. There are few improvements made as compared to the old Resource Mailbox what we saw so far in Exchange Server 2007 and 2010.


To create Resource Mailbox the account should be a member of Recipient Management Group (Minimum Permission)



Figure 1.1 : Option to create resource mailboximage



Figure 1.2 : Creating Room Mailbox with default settings.

In figure 1.2 Booking requests is set to default. And there is no Delegates for this mailbox. Best practice is to have only one delegate to avoid conflicts.


Figure 1.3 : Room mailbox is created.

Click on desired mailbox and select Edit to modify other properties as shown in figure 1.3.

Note : It is best practices to keep the associated account to be in disabled state (Default).


Figure 1.4 : General Properties.


Figure 1.5 : Setting up Delegates.

An option to select delegate or keep the default settings.


Figure 1.6 : Booking options

Default setting is to Allow repeating meetings. Number of months is 6 Months and duration is 24 hours.


Figure 1.7 : Contact Information for Room Mailbox


Figure 1.8 : Email Address.

In figure 1.8 we have not selected “Automatically update email address based on the email address policy applied to this recipient”. This option can be selected if we have any customized filter set for the mailbox.


Figure 1.9 : Checking the settings using Shell.

In figure 1.9 the mailbox is by default set to “Auto Accept”.


Figure 1.10 : Calendar Configuration.

Figure 1.10 will help us to check calendar configuration.

In the next part series we will be exploring the experience of clients.

Few design changes were made, such as Mail Tips are added and Auto Mate Processing is now Auto Accept by default.

Happy Learning


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14 Responses to Resource Mailbox in Exchange Server 2013 – Part 1

  1. Sarvesh says:

    Hey Sunder,

    I think this clear UI will close all the issues which everyone faces for configuring resource mailboxes.. this is going to be fun..

    thank for sharing this information.


    S a r v e s h

  2. Sunder says:

    Yes you are correct.

  3. Joe Sparks says:

    Exchange 2013 is allowing a resource that has been reserved for a certain time period to be reserved again. Any way to prevent this?

  4. Sunder says:

    Hi Joe,

    Thank You for letting us know. Please bear with us we will try to check if it can be prevented.

  5. John says:

    How do I set a resource to display who has booked it?

  6. Sunder says:


    If the resource is already booked. The in the scheduling assistant it will show as busy for other users who are booking at that time.

  7. John says:

    @Sunder. thanks for the reply. that I can see but I also need to see who has booked the resource.

  8. Sunder says:

    @ John

    Just open folder view in OL. If it is enabled then please select the calendar (resource). You should have proper permission to access the mailbox.
    Point the cursor on top of the meeting request.
    It will give you the desired results.

    You have to have access to that calendar (resource).

    I hope that I answered your queries.

  9. Deepak says:

    when we set the If you want the meeting organizer to receive a reply under booking options. the Organizer still does not receive a reply. Please advise if we need to check something to make this work.

  10. Steve says:

    In Exchange 2010 I could list room amenities such as speakerphone, Whiteboard, DVD Player, etc. Can I do the same in Exchange 2013?

    BTW, these amenities come with the room and will not be allowed to be checked out separately.


  11. Sunder says:

    Have to check Steve…

  12. Mike Abraham says:

    Why was the ability to edit key properties of a Resource – such as In-Policy Requests, room amenities – removed from the GUI ??? The EMC made it quick/easy. Powershell methods are very cumbersome for some editing such as this. This is Microsoft’s way of ‘Improving their Products’ ????

  13. Roy Tan says:

    Hi! Great article of the Office 2013 room mailbox. I have an urgent question for the auto-respond email of the room mailbox. Can I add additional email recipient for every auto-respond email of the room mailbox when it was approved or rejected automatically from the Exchange server? Kindly, please reply soon.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards,
    Roy Tan

  14. Sunder says:

    Yes you can. But it wont work with All Book-in policy. You have to either check with All Request-In policy or All Request-Out of policy. It depends completely on your organizational requirements..