Resource Mailbox in Exchange Server 2013 – Part 2

In part 1 we learnt how to create Resource Mailbox in Exchange Server 2013.

Before we move ahead let me share as to what is resource mailbox. There are two types of Resource Mailbox.

  1. Room Mailbox : Conference Rooms.
  2. Equipment Mailbox : Projector, TV, Laptop, Speakers etc.

In this blog post we will be using Outlook Web App to see what changes we have in Exchange Server 2013.


Figure 2.1 : Calendar option to select.


Figure 2.2 : New Event

In figure 2.2 we will select new event post selecting date and month for meeting.


Figure 2.3 : Default view of new meeting request.

In figure 2.3 we will click scheduling assistant to select Room and other attendees as per their availability.


Figure 2.4 : Room to Select.

In figure 2.4 we will click on add a room. Which will find all available rooms for us.


Figure 2.5 : Availability of Rooms

Post selecting the room click on OK.


Figure 2.6 : Location is Conference1

In figure 2.6 since we have selected Conference1 as one of the attendee it is showing in Location. which is the conference Room.

Click Send.


Figure 2.7 : Conference room has accepted the meeting.

All Book in Policy is set on conference1 mailbox. This is the default setting.

All Request In Policy and All Request Out of Policy can be set to true if required.

If you wish to read the first part of this blog then please click below.

Resource Mailbox in Exchange Server 2013 – Part 1

Happy Learning


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