Restore Exchange 2007 Public Folder Database with Ease

Microsoft Exchange is one of the widely used email servers in the organizations nowadays due to its unique set of features. This Server can be used when combined with Microsoft Outlook which helps its users to maintain an efficient and smooth flow of work in the organization. It consists of two types of folder i.e. public folder and private folder. The public folder was launched in the initial versions of MS Exchange which enables users to collect, manage and share information within the workgroups or the entire organization efficiently. Public folder contains user information in a maintained hierarchy and it can be replicated in multiple Exchange Servers. These folders are stored in the dedicated database such as Public Folder Database. Unfortunately, Public folders are prone to corruption and sometimes users end up deleting these folders accidentally which can create a troubled situation for them. So, in this article, we are going to discuss a method to restore Exchange 2007 public folder database in simple steps.

Why Public Folder Backup is Important

These databases store a lot of crucial information and any harm like accidental deletion from EDB file or corruption caused to these folders can create a lot of complication for the users. So, all organizations should take regular backups of the public folder database. At first, this activity might seem like a tedious task and total waste of time. But, no one knows that when a backup will prove its worth to us. So, it is better to have a backup if by chance any damage is caused to the folders.

Scenario on How to Restore Exchange 2007 Public Folder Database

Suppose a situation when an Exchange administrator accidentally deletes all the public folders and this deletion can affect some other tasks of the Exchange Server as well. If this scenario occurs then users will realize that the lost public folders were so important and they cannot be recovered through an older version of public folder database. If a user restores the database from a backup then the public folders will be visible only till the Server receives replication messages. As the folders were deleted from the public folder hierarchy so, these folders will be invisible as soon as the database receives a hierarchy update. After updating, those folders will be deleted again by the store.

So, the question again arises that how to recover public folder database in Exchange 2007 in such a way that the data should not be deleted again after any hierarchy update.

Method to Recover Exchange 2007 Public Folder

  • Restore Exchange to a different location from a previously stored database backup using Windows Server Backup.
  • Now, open Exchange Management Console and go to the Microsoft Exchange >> Server Configuration >> Mailbox.
  • There will be a “Server list” in the center. Choose a Server on which the database you are recovering.
  • After that, select the public folder database which you want to recover.
  • Now, select “Dismount Database” from the actions panel on right hand to dismount the database.
  • Choose the Properties button under the database that you selected to dismount.
  • Then you will find a checkbox which displays the message as shown below:


  • Select it and Click Apply.
  • Next, Go to the directory present in Windows Explorer where you restored the Exchange DB and find the public folder DB.

Note – The location of the restored database is <Drive Letter>:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Mailbox\<Storage Group Name>\

  • Copy the recovered file of the database.
  • Go to the public folder DB that you just dismounted.
  • Rename the original database to something through which you can recognize the file instantly.
  • Paste the restored file here and ensure that the name of the file is same.
  • At last, select re-mount from the Exchange Management Console.

The above-mentioned procedure should be completed without any flaw. The only thing which can cause an interruption in the process is that the mounting of the public folder DB fails. If this situation occurs then follow the below-mentioned steps to recover public folder database in Exchange 2007.

  • In Exchange Management Shell, navigate to the folder where the database of public folder resides.
  • Repair the DB by implementing the command i.e. ‘eseutil -p <Public Folder Database name>.edb’.

Note – After performing these steps, you can mount the database using the Exchange Management Console and follow the remaining steps.

Expert Solution to Restore Exchange 2007 Public Folder Database

The manual methods have some limitations as those methods do not assure recovery in all the cases. Along with it, the manual procedures are time-consuming and requires so much of effort. These procedures are to be implemented with so much of concentration as any mistake may lead to permanent loss of data. So, to overcome the issues related to manual methods, there is a third party application to repair Exchange Server database in easy and simple steps. It will help users to perform efficient and effective restoration without taking too much of time and efforts.


After analyzing the problems faced by multiple users when they accidentally delete their public folder DB and don’t have their data anymore. We have discussed the importance of backup and multiple solutions to restore Exchange 2007 public folder database so that the users can fix their issue and have a smooth functioning in Microsoft Exchange.

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