Public Folder Best Practices – Exchange Server 2013

Now that everyone knows the new face of Public Folder in Exchange Server 2013. Thought of sharing some best practices on Public Folders. Before creating any PF Mailboxes. Create an OU and ensure that there is no Group policy applied for that OU.   Figure 1 : OU named as … Continue reading

Public Folder Item Recovery in Exchange 2013

In this blog post we will be learning on how to perform a Single Item Recovery of a Public Folder if it was deleted accidentally by end users. Tools used to recover the deleted item is Microsoft Outlook 2010. Old Story – Recovery of Public Folder or its Item was … Continue reading

Exchange 2013 Public Folder Management – Part 2

In part one we learnt on how to create public folder in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. In this blog we will be learning how to create sub folders, manage permission and also enabling folders as mail enabled. Points to remember Public Folder is not available directly for Outlook Web App … Continue reading

Exchange 2013 Public Folder Management – Part 1

In this blog series we will be exploring the Next Generation Public Folder. Yes, that’s Public Folder in Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Managing public folder was always a pain area for almost all Administrators if they are involved in Migration project. Rumors were made that Microsoft will move public folder … Continue reading