Track and Recover lost emails using Barracuda Firewall

Although many organizations manage a proper backup for their emails and other important data. Then why are we discussing about barracuda here? Well Barracuda can act both as a firewall and also to recover some of the lost emails in an emergency. Now lets see some of the scenarios.

The Product : Barracuda SPAM & VIRUS FIREWALL 400

About the product.

The product helps you to protect your Organization from SPAM & VIRUSES and store emails for upto 30 Days (Customizable as per organizations) with 20 MB (Customizable) for each mailboxes.


  1. The intended recipient (Incoming from External) has sent email, however it is not received by the user.
  2. Want to track the emails sent by specific domain or users (Both internal and external).
  3. Want to recover the emails (Soft or Hard Deleted by internal user).

In our scenario we had Exchange Server 2010 SP3 with latest updates. Few users complained that they have not received emails from certain domains.

Lets Explore

Login to Barracuda Admin web console and navigate to BASIC >> Message Log

Figure 1: Message Log

In Figure 1 using basic search without any specific filters if we are able to locate the emails then we can either Deliver the email or we can Export the email as per the requirements.

Figure 2: Filter Options

In figure 2 we have almost all the filters to track and recover the emails if in case they were lost.

Note: For security reason we have not shared the entire steps of recovery, however its very easy for any Administrator with thorough knowledge on how to track emails.

Finally: Other Firewalls has their own features and functionality.



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