Upgrading Exchange Server 2013 DAG

In this blog we will be exploring one of the wonderful changes what we have in DAG. Upgrading DAG was never so easy. With the help of Crimson log we can monitor each and every step to understand what happened in the background.

Lets Explore

To test the behavior we have built a two member DAG.


DAG Name : E15-DAG

DAG Members : MBX1 & MBX2

FSW Owner : MBX3

Estimated time to complete : Depending on the network. If everything is planned then it should not take more than 4 hours. However since it’s a DAG then client should not be affected.


In Exchange Server 2013 you can directly apply CU, since versioning issue is being removed. However as a best practices we will first begin with MBX3.

Before starting the setup we will collect some basics.


Figure 1 : Exchange Server Info

In figure 1 we have three servers with Version as 15.0 (Build 516.32).

In our scenario we will first upgrade MBX3.


Figure 2 : Readiness Checks

Note : I have skipped few screenshots. Since they are self explanatory.


Figure 3 : MBX3 Upgraded

In figure 3 if you see the build number has changed.

Now since we have the FSW upgraded. Its time to upgrade the DAG Members. Lets first see the Mailbox Copy Status by running the below command.


Figure 4 : Database Copy Status

To begin with we will start with passive copy server which is MBX2 in our scenario.


Figure 5 : MBX2 is showing as Service Down

Now while the upgrade is running the status will show as Service Down. The interesting point to note here is once the upgrade is over the database will automatically move to MBX2.


Figure 6 : Status

In figure 6 the database got moved automatically without manual intervention.


Figure 7 : MBX2 Upgraded


Figure 8 : MBX1 Upgraded

While MBX1 was getting upgraded and it completed successfully the below event ID will get generated in the Active Node i.e MBX2.


Figure 9 : Operational Event Logs

In figure 9, I have copied only one example of how the process works in the background. There are many interesting events to track and explore the new feature.

I have tried to keep the blog as short as possible. Since the steps are same what we have in the RTM version of Exchange Server 2013 Setup and they are self explanatory.

Note : In the entire process of upgrade not even a single clients were disrupted.

Exchange Server 2013 Rocks


Happy Learning


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