Upgrading Exchange Server 2013 to SP1

Upgrading Exchange Server 2013 to SP1 is easy and straightforward. In this blog we will learn some best practices before we plan to upgrade.

Best Practices
1) Perform a complete backup of Exchange Database Files.
2) Perform Active Directory System State Backup (Just for Precaution).
3) Schedule a downtime for single server scenario.

Lets Explore
To download SP1 please click here.
For a Detailed Description of Exchange Server 2013 Service Pack 1 and the issues that is fixed in SP1 please read the article as listed in Microsoft Knowledge Base 2926248.
Lets Begin

After downloading your copy of SP1. Extract the file and navigate to the folder and double click Setup.exe

Note: For people who are installing Exchange Server 2013 for the first time can directly install SP1.

Figure 1: Setup initialization

Figure 2: Check for Updates
It is highly recommended to Connect to the Internet and check for updates to be selected in a Production Environment.

Figure 3: Copying Files

Figure 4: Initializing Setup …

Figure 5: Upgrade
In figure 5 setup prompts for Upgrade as well there are few options available. Please make your desired selection.

Figure 6: License Terms

Figure 7: Readiness Checks

Figure 8: Prerequisite Analysis
In figure 8 it prompted for a warning for Send Connector. In production environment please fix it for sending emails to Internet.

Figure 9: Setup Progress

Figure 10: Setup Completed

Select the Check Box Launch Exchange Administration Center after finishing Exchange Setup as shown above.

Restart the Server.

Applies to both Standard and Enterprise Edition of Exchange Server 2013


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