Wake Lan – A free Utility from Gammadyne

Many administrator’s around the world always carry dozens of free utilities with them while they work as a in-house system administrator or as a field engineer or working as a consultant.

One of the favorite tool which is used by me is Wake On Lan. The tool is available free of cost at Gammadyne Site. Please read the Terms of Use at the Product site itself.

Scenarios in which we can use the tool.

  1. While working on a project with multiple sites. Incase of power failure on a remote site, switching on a server requires manual intervention. Wake On Lan can do the magic.
  2. Administrators working from a main site can switch on the remote server in an event of unexpected server shutdown.

Other details on how to use is listed on the product website.


Figure 1: Help

In figure 1 as we can see MAC address is a must. So please make a note of important servers MAC address and save in a secure location.

Figure 2: Wake on Magic Packet

In figure 2 Wake on Magic Packet which is enabled by default on NIC cards for servers. In case if this is disabled then make sure they are enabled.

Important : At least one physical machine must be accessible remotely from the same LAN with which we can send the packets. Directly from remote machine or from a different subnets the tool won’t work.

There are dozens of other free tools and also business software available at the product website Gammadyne.



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