Where’s my Distribution Group ?

Recently I got a call on recovering a distribution group. Now the question came in my mind is why to recover a distribution group? It has no data in it. Since it was clients requirement I have to get it back. While working I found it was a disabled group and my client was searching the DL in disconnected mailbox in EMC. Well I informed them it is not available in the Disconnected Mailbox Container. Here is the brief explanation for the steps on how to get the DL back.

Note : The same steps applies to Exchange Server 2007, Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2013

Lets Explore

For testing purpose I have created a test group in my Lab.
Figure 1: Distribution Group
In figure 1 we will understand the difference between Disable and Remove

Figure 2: Disabling the Group
In figure 2 by disabling a distribution group it will remove Exchange Properties (Attributes) however the Group will still reside in Active Directory Users and Computers. The Group will never be deleted and it will remain as mail disabled.

Figure 3: Removing the Group
In figure 3 by removing a distribution group it will remove the Windows Group object. Be careful while removing the object. Accidentally removed objects can be recovered by following this article.

In this article we will disable the group.

Figure 4: Object Disabled

Figure 5: Get-Group
In figure 5 the command lets us know if the group is actually present.

Now that we have the group. There are two ways to  get the group back.
1, Using Powershell
2, Using EMC
Lets see both options.

Figure 6: Enable-DistributionGroup

Figure 7: New Distribution Group

In the wizard select existing group.

Figure 8: Existing Group

Figure 9: Selecting the group

Figure 10: Final Step

Figure 11: Group Created

I hope it was helpful



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4 Responses to Where’s my Distribution Group ?

  1. SUHAS PATIL says:

    Sunder really it is very helpful. Thanks a lot…

  2. Sunder says:

    Thank You Suhas

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